What is FarmTerest?

Farm + Food + Lifestyle = FarmTerest.com

FarmTerest is a Social Commerce platform for Farm, Food and Lifestyle.  

Listing your products and services on FarmTerest is Free. You can use this social commerce platform to help your business grow. FarmTerest connects businesses with thousands of potential customers everyday through its platform and Btab Network. 

FarmTerest is also a tool to help you Collect, Organize and Share all the beautiful information you can find on the web. 

What Can You Do with FarmTerest?


Collect Information for your Farm!

Adrian uses Farmterest to save farming ideas for his new fruits farm in Australia. He saves type of plants, fertilizer, and equipment that are useful for his farm business.


Plan for an Acquisition!

Joe and Donna use Farmterest to plan their next farm. Besides able to save lots of useful farming information on their board, their friends and business partners can leave comments on their pins and share information about latest farming technology, farming strategies, ideas on farming equipment....etc


Sharing is Good!

Mohan uses Farmterest to share his farming information. He pins animals, fruits and equipment while browsing other farming websites.

Save your Inspirations!

Shawn uses Farmterest to save farming inspirations for his job. He can reference inspiring farming work to share with his team. 


Save Your Recipes!

Nicole uses Farmterest to discover new organic fertilizer. She has collections of new formula, successful ideas and is always looking for more ideas. Farmterest.com is where she stores all information collected. 

  FarmTerest.com is a Btab business 

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